National Guard-Deploy Thy Self!

I served in the military during the Korean War and returned home to indifference. In prior wars when there was a draft system those who served had a fixed term and then returned home–often to indifference. But, today, members of the National Guard head overseas, witness war, return home,  have a breath of peace and then return to further  combat. For members of the National Guard this means the career one entered is now not a part of your life. If you finally return, it is years later and promotions have long since passed you by.  National Guard Lt. David Doggette has two deployments and now seeks a job, but there is a new problem in his life. “Everybody’s quick to  thank me for my service, and nobody’s saying outright they’re worried about future deployments,, but it’s definitely an undercurrent.”

The 310 million Americans send 2.4 million men and women to do their fighting and when they return, there might be a thank you, but more often it is “no thanks,” you are on your own. The jobless rate for members of the National Guard is now 16.3%.

Oh, there is a program entitled, “Hiring Our Heroes,” but in terms of jobs, the title would more accurately be, “Thanks Heroes, we have no jobs for you!”