National Guard Not Invited To GI Bill Party

The new GI Bill which provides excellent education opportunities to those who have served in the armed forces does not apply to members of the National Guard who also risked their lives. According to military spokesmen, about 33,000 Guardsmen who served during the post 9/11 crisis don’t qualify for the generous program which covers the entire tuition bill. These members of the National Guard were activated for federal duty under the control of their governor even though they were paid with federal funds instead of being activated under Title 10 under which they would be considered full time members of the armed forces.

The legislation had a blind spot and it should not be that difficult to overcome this unfortunate denial of the GI Bill to those who risked their lives in service of the nation. Anyone reading this should please contact their congressmen and urge a change that would assist these gallant men and women of the National Guard.