National Guard To Mexican Border

Over a thousand members of the National Guard will be deployed to guard the borders of America against an influx of those illegal immigrants from Mexico. President Obama has decided, once again, to try out Bush ideas in order to solve problems. He has retained Bush anti-terrorism laws and now will copy his predecessor who once sent a few thousand National Guardsmen to the border with about 1,200 being deployed. Governor Perry of Texas, who has already threatened to secede from the United States if they continue passing SOCIALIST ideas like health insurance, is pleased, but wants even more troops on the border. Ironically, a recent CNN poll indicates that 88% of Americans are ready to grant citizenship to illegal immigrants who have been in America for years, have paid taxes and are working. Perry wants “boots on the ground, ” great, but exactly how many boots on the ground is needed in order to prevent immigrants from getting across the border? The United States has 145,000 boots on the ground in Iraq and over a 100,000 in Afghanistan without witnessing great improvements in preventing Taliban insurgents from going where they damn well please.

One solution to the illegal immigrants would be to take the 240,000 troops on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan and send them to guard the border with Mexico. At least no one will be shooting at the Americans– or at least, we hope they will not. On the other hand, how about re-instituting the draft and get about 2,000.000 boots on the ground at our borders. Of course, a simple suggestion would be to invite a million immigrants from Mexico to enter America, join our armed forces and go to the border and prevent their brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles from coming across the border.