National Security Dooms China Mine Purchase

The most certain way to prevent anyone or any company from doing something is to utter the words, “national security.” A Chinese mining company China Northwest Nonferrous International Investment Company, arranged to purchase the Nevada Fitzgerald company as part of its plan for global diversification. But, to some officials in the Obama administration the thought of having a Chinese owned mining company in Nevada raised serious concerns about the national security of the United States. A mine owned by the Fitzgerald company is sixty miles from Fallon Naval Air station which is used for tactical aviation training.

Let’s face it. Everyone knows how the Chinese are sneaky and they are good at making tunnels. If they owned the American company, what would prevent them from building a sixty mile tunnel, come up under the Fallon airfield, and steal a plane or maybe kidnap some of the pilots? Once the Chinese get control of an airfield in Nevada used by the American navy there is no end to the destruction they could cause in America. First, they get an airfield, then they get a army base, then they tunnel under the White House, and there goes the entire Obama administration down a hole leading to China!