National Security For Free

Most Americans have now reached a point in time where any disclosure of spying is met with a shrug and indifference. It is now clear the government is spying on one and all in the sacred name of: SECURITY. Judge Colleen Kollar of a Fisa court revealed the National Security Agency has been checking emails of ordinary citizens-those not under any suspicion of anything other than sending an email, “continuously,” and “systematically” in violation of limits placed on the agency by a Fisa court. As she put it, there are no limits as to what this agency can do and the result is systematic “over collection”of data. An issue is whether collecting these emails falls within the power granted the agency to poke and pry into the lives of ordinary Americans. Kollar raises questions as to this collection truly fits the goal of Congress.

In essence, collection of data began as part of the effort to prevent efforts of spies and bad people to do harm to the American people. From that base we have moved up the mountain of data to a point at which ANY DATA is relevant to the goal of preventing crime. It is a slippery slope of information. Eventually, we simply ought to pass laws granting any and all power to the National Security Agency to protect us against whomever they decide is a bad person. I wonder if there is any definition within the NSA as to what constitutes “victory” in the fight against bad people?