National Security Needs Agency

The National Security Agency apparently doubles as the National pornography agency. An organization that seeks to protect Americ against foreign agents seeking to undermine the American way of life also seeks to gather as much pornography as possible in order to undermine radical terrorists who devote their spare hours away from making bombs to making woo woo with females in order to prove to one and all that to be a member of al-Qaeda is the first step on the way to seducing women in the world.Among the targets are Muslim men who are devoted to pornographi images. It is assumed that if one has sex with females it will be easy to give them the reputation as a debaucher in chief. Some studies reveal these alleged womanizer really are simply men who enjoy sex and watching nude women. There simply is not evidence they seek to blow up anything other than their penis.

The American government has nothing better to do than devote time, money and resources in the accumulation of pornography!