Nations Race To Aid Israel

The extensive fires which are sweeping through areas of Israel has resulted in a massive response by nations of the world who are sending both personnel and supplies to help halt ravages of fire. Australia is sending experts on bush fire prevention as well as a planeload of personnel and supplies. During the past decade, the attitude of the government of Israel has been to reject advice from other nations or to allow them to be of assistance in dealing with internal problems. Muslim Turkey has sent aid as have other Muslim nations, but as of this point in time, there is no response by the Israel government to express thanks for this out pouring of decency by offering to behave in a decent manner toward its Muslim citizens and to engage in honest discussions with Palestinians.

The lesson for Israel over the past week is when there is open cooperation with nations of the world, problems confronting Israel are more readily solved. Stop being the tough kid on the block and welcome those who seek to be friends with the Jewish people.