NATO Supplies Taliban-By Mistake!

The confusing swirling world of the Afghan war took another twist of irony when a NATO helicopter by mistake dropped supplies of food, water and arms o Taliban forces in southern Afghanistan. Containers destined for local police forces were dropped from the helicopter into a Taliban-controlled area of Zabul province. The helicopter apparently missed the drop off place. According to NATO sources, the pallets were carrying rocket propelled grenades and ammunition in addition to the food and water.

Within hours of the announcement of the error, several Afghan politicians insisted there was no mistake but NATO was attempting to undermine the government of President Karzai. Conspiracy theories tend to become more widespread than the truth so this will be another story about conspiracy by European opponents of fighting in Afghanistan. By the time the story winds its way through the corridors of conspiracy nuts, most probably the Israel Lobby will wind up as the force behind this simple error in judgement.