Navalny Says Nyet!

Alexei Navalny is an unusual man in the land of Putin. He simply will not shut his mouth and dares to point out the Vladimir Putin lacks any clothes and is a naked man whose only thought in life is naked power. After being convicted on some ridiculous charge of embezzlement and sentenced to five years in prison, Alexi was suddenly released. Thousands are in the streets protesting the latest manifestation of Putin power. People are getting tired of having anyone who dares express a negative statement about the all wise, all knowing, all powerful former KGB agent winding up in jail for embezzlement of urinating in public places.

Putin pisses on the Russian people.He is a power mad man. Russia needs free elections and it needs its people to cease pretending they do not live in a land that is governed by Mr. Putin. Tear down the walls of power and let freedom ring.