Navalny Silenced

Alexi Navalny won fame in Russia for his tireless efforts to expose the corrupt and brutal regime of Vladimir Putin. So, which crime is he charged with committing by the criminals who run Russia–corruption! He was placed on trial for embezzlement by the stooges who pretend to serve as members of a court. If there is one thing that our Beloved Leader, Vladimir Putin will not tolerate is any voice which dares to challenge his right to be obeyed and worshipped as the ruler of Russia. Navalny will be off to jail for about five years where he will  join other Russians who refused to obey the Great Ruler.

Navalny exposed corruption and made clear the Number One criminal in Russia was the one and only Great Ruler, Vladimir Putin. Frankly, we doubt if the Russian people have the courage of Egyptians who refused to allow petty dictators to remain in office. SEND PUTIN PACKING!