Nazis In Mongolia

Sixty eight years ago Adolf Hitler committed suicide after initiating a war that caused the death of nearly fifty million people. Nazism is the personification of racism gone mad since only those who fit into the Master Race of pure blooded Aryan heritage were considered to really be a human worthy of life. For some reason a group of people in the nation of Mongolia decided that being a Nazi was real cool.They formed the Tsagaasn Khass or White Swstika group which uses the Nazi symbol in order to proclaim -something. For some strange reason they link Nazism to the environment issue of modern life.

The group has switched from beating up people to “save nature.” They  want to save the environment. They are also angry at foreign workers who enter Mongolia to assist in its economic development. I suspect this group eventually ill link up with the Republican party in America and fight to end immigration of undesirable elements.

Next step? Organize a Mongolian branch of the Nazism and save America??