Nazis Redeux

It is now clear the school system of Greece deserves a large F on its teaching of the history of Greece. Believe it or not but during the years1940-1945 there were same bad guys who occupied the country. They were called-NAZIS. The bad guys killed thousands of Greeks, they sent thousands to work as slave laborers in Germany and they sort of looted the nation of its goods. Millions of Greeks starved and barely survived. So, with this piece of historical information, what is now happening in Greece?

The Golden Dawn political party has a model-Nazi Germany. It seeks to retrun to the good old days when Nazis controlled Greece. Oh, instead of hating and killing Jews, the Golden Dawn Nazis want to hate and kill Muslims. The Nazis destroyed Jewish synagogues and now Golden Dawn wants to prevent Muslims from building a mosque in Athens. Party spokesman,Ilias Kasidiaris informed the world: “If a mosque is constructed for Islamist criminals in Greece, a front of 100,000 Greeks headed by the Golden Dawn  will be created.”

So, who heads off the Golden Dawn criminals–Nazis from Germany?