NBA = No Basketball Allowed!

I am a confessed fanatic New York Knick basketball fan and have spent the past few months dealing with pain from not being able to witness any NBA games. The NBA divides money between players and owners. Last year players secured 57% of revenue and this year agreed to lower the amount to about 51%. This would result in owners obtaining an additional ONE BILLION DOLLARS over the coming seven years. Ah, but this is 2011 Republican time when those with wealth are never happy until they get more wealth.

The conflict is between wealthy basketball players and much wealthier owners. Commissioner David Stern issued a stern warning to players that either accept or we will lower our offer. After all, the wealthy got bailed out by the Obama administration and they hate him because he wants to raise top taxes from 35% to 39%. Certainly, this will lead to a growth in poor house inhabitants.

Players told Stern to go to hell. The next step is going to court. Of course, we fans will have to settle for college basketball games. I do not feel sorry for spoiled wealthy basketball players, but they are doing the right thing.