NBA Players Hang Tough

The plight of NBA millionaire players does not ordinarily arouse much sympathy in yours truly except when owners engage in a systematic program to crush those  who work for them. NBA players currently receive 57% of revenues and are willing to reduce their payment to 52% which would save owners at least a billion dollars. But, these are billionaire owners and a few billion is  never enough when they desired compliant workers who accept what is given.

David Stern, head of the NBA, issued an ultimatum to players  saying they will accept by this afternoon the owner proposal of somewhere between 49%-51% or the offer drops to 47% of revenue. The NBA players apparently will refuse this dictate from owners. The end result, most probably, is no professional basketball this year.`

We urge players to organize a new league that is run by a coalition of owners and players. I am certain there are plenty of billionaires out there who would love to own a professional basketball team.