Neda Agha-Soltan Is Alive In Hearts, Not In Greece!

Neda Agha-Soltan was in the streets of Tehran last June when President Ahmadinejad used the power of force and manipulation of ballots in order to retain his office. He unleashed thousands of his thugs, the Basij, to beat, arrest, and even kill those who were protesting the death of their attempt to create a democratic Iran. Neda was shot even though she was not throwing anything, and wasn’t even shouting curses, but to the Basij, she was one of “them,” not us and thus could be killed. The British have released a film which tells her story, including some of the original footage shot by bystanders who captured the dying gasps of this sweet young 26 year-old music student. The Iranian government is furious and has shot its own film which claims Neda was killed by either the doctor who treated her, the people who shot the video of her being shot, and officials are also claiming the girl is alive and well in Greece, courtesy of the British government.

Her mother continues to fight for her daughter and all that she represents. “It has become more difficult for us to visit Neda’s grave. Every time we visit there are a couple of officers watching us from a distance. They’re even afraid of her dead body. It’s an honor for our family. We thank everybody in the world for paying attention to Neda’s story.”

Fear of truth lies in the heart of Iranian leaders.