Need For New Gaza Solution Urge Nations

The Quartet for Middle East peace issued a statement urging all parties to explore the need for a “new approach” to dealing with the ever increasing tragedy of Gaza. The blockade initiated by Israel was intended to create such bad living conditions that Gazans would turn away from Hamas and seek assistance of the Palestinian Authority led by President Abbas. The Quartet is supporting efforts by Egypt to establish a cease fire and open up border crossings so Gaza inhabitants can gain access to food, supplies and fuel.

Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas Prime Minister, announced: “We would not accept new (Isael) conditions… The ball is now in the Israel court and if they decide on rejection(of Egyptian sponsored cease fire), I think neither we nor Egypt will accept the closure of the crossings or the continuation of the siege.”

Perhaps, it is time to consider the obvious– Egypt control of Gaza, at least for the immediate future, and Egyptian military supervison to ensure the end of rocket attacks.