Need Natural Lifestyles In Denmark

Mette Hermind Dencker leads a right wing conservative party in Denmark that goes by the name of Dansk Folkeparti. It is for the people, the country and itself. She recently made a few off hand comments concerning those who are homosexuals, or a single parent or who leave home prior to the age of 18 are engaged in an “unnatural lifestyle.” Actually, her exact words were:

“Are their children who leave home before 18? Are there people who’s partners in life are of the same sex? Are there people who live alone with their own children? Are there children who live with several adults? The answers to all these questions is YES! This is today’s Denmark. Is it natural? NO!”

Actually, there is abundant evidence that societies in which children are raised by several adults have fewer emotional problems than those raised in traditional family environments. Which is healthier for a child-living in a family wracked by fights and violence or living with one parent who provides stability? The answer is YES!