Need New Strategy In Afghanistan-Surprise!

Eight long years ago, George Bush and that illustrious military genius, Donald Rumsfeld, unleashed a war for democracy in Afghanistan. The military strategy was simple, US forces would destroy the Taliban, capture Osama bin Laden, dead or alive, and peace and prosperity would return to the people of Afghanistan. At least, i think that was the strategy. General Stanley McChrystal, who commands US forces in Afghanistan assured one and all that “success is achievable,” but it will necessitate a new strategy. Of course, by this time, one has lost track of the “new strategies” that have been employed.

Naturally, as part of the “new strategy,” more US troops will be headed eastward. General McChrystal emphasizes the importance of winning the confidence of the average Afghan. But, how can that occur when the government we protect is riddled with corruption, with drug traffickers, with bigoted anti-female leaders and all directed by Mr. Incompetent himself, Hamid Karzai?

How about this new strategy! A special UN force will supervise the distribution of all money being spent on construction. The US will purchase the entire Afghanistan opium crop. Afghan soldiers will be integrated within NATO and US forces. The emphasis will be upon farm assistance, small factories, etc.. that ensure work for men and women.