Negotiate Or Bombs Away

The votes of November echo in rhetoric emerging from President Obama and whimp candidate Mitt Romney. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta told the Israel government the United States would stand behind them in current controversy with Iran. The Iranian government either halts or will be halted was his threat. “If they continue, and they proceed with a nuclear weapon… we have options that are prepared to implement to ensure that does not happen.”

The Obama administration has worked to thwart the Iranian drive for nuclear weapons. It has focused on economic rather than military strategies. It is interesting how Obama is prepared to halt Iranian nuclear development, even to the point of war. But, when it comes to halting Israeli violation of international law by seizing land from Palestinians, there is nothing but silence.

I do not infer Israel disregard of international law and the rights of Palestinians is  equivalent to Iran gaining nuclear weapons. Both are threats to peace in the world. Ah, if only there were 5,000,000 Palestinians voting in America!

Mitt Romney has promised Muslims in America if they vote for him, he will support  Palestinians being transported to Iran–plenty of open land!