Negotiate With The Devil?

In June, 1941, German armies invaded the Soviet Union, a Communist nation whose goal was the destruction of capitalist governments. Someone asked British Prime Minister Winston Churchill what would be his stand against allying with a Communist government given his past history of opposing Communism. Churchill responded with words to this effect: I will work with any government if the end result is survival of the British empire. Churchill was also the one who argued, ‘jaw, jaw, not war, war.” In other words, it was incumbent upon a leader to work with any government, any opposing leader if the end result was peace in the world. Palestinian President Abbas announced an agreement with his enemy, Hamas, and this resulted in claims of horror from the Israel government. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “The government of Israel will not hold negotiations with a Palestinian government that ids backed by Hamas, a terrorist organization that calls for Israel’s destruction.”

1. For over fifty years conservative and liberal American presidents negotiated with the Soviet Union, a nation that ostensibly wanted the end of capitalist nations.

2. Since the 1970s, the United States has been negotiating with Communist China, a nation that was allied with North Korea during the Korean war that resulted in the deaths of over 25,000 Americans.

3. Among the original leaders of Israel were men and women who participated in terrorist groups including those which blew up the King David hotel and killed dozens.

Negotiation has to do with today, not with yesterday. In a world with atomic bombs, we must always negotiate and do not have the right to refuse. Who knows, getting Hamas into working for peace with Israel!!