Nelson Mandela: An Unusal Man Of His Time

There are few times in history when a leader emerges whose views are world wide rather than his bank account. There is not a single leader in the Middle East, in the United States of America, in Europe or any part of Africa or Asia who possesses the qualities of humanity that dwell within the heart and soul of Nelson Mandela. He demonstrated that true leadership is focusing on peace and reconciliation after a conflict. He not only showed the people of his nation, but the world that a leader reaches out to all sides in a conflict and works at conflict resolution rather than fostering hate and violence.

He is 94 years old, actually, he is 94 years young in mind and soul. He is ill and will shortly die. Unfortunately, those who followed him as leader of South Africa became focused on power, not on working to bring a decent life to each and every South African. Mandela worked to build his bank account of peace and reconciliation, his followers were more interested in a financial bank account.