Nelson Mandela, National Security Risk!!

The obsession with NATIONAL SECURITY invariably results in confusion, and expending energy tracking and trailing those who are on your side. Since the end of World War II and, creation of the Central Intelligence Agency, the United States government has gone down hundreds of detours and wrong roads because it was not clear as to who were “the enemy.” Recently released files from the FBI pertaining to South African leader, Nelson Mandela, reveal complete ignorance in the New York FBI office as to who was Nelson Mandela, and what was the African National Congress(AFC). I hate to inform the FBI, but the ANC was formed BEFORE the birth of communism in Russia. Its original goal was creating a society in which those with dark or Asian skin were entitled to equal rights. Mandela was finally released from jail by the Boer bigoted government in the 1990s. However, for some strange reason, the American FBI decided to allocate resources to track this man who was endeavoring to create a just society in South Africa. Did anyone inform the American idiots that Mandela was urging no revenge on whites who killed blacks?

The FBI trailed Mandela when he went on trips. They attempted to monitor his mail, his daily trips to see this or that person, because the FBI was convinced that Mandela was a stooge for communism. Finally, an FBI agent in the Chicago office attempted to inform New York about the background of Mandela and the ANC. But, no one cared, as far as they were concerned, the ANC was “a known Soviet front group.” The history of the CIA makes clear,it has been wrong on most occasions in predicting anything about foreign policy developments. The only success attained by the FBI and the CIA was being wrong about who were threats to our National Security!