Nelson Mandela

Each day of my life is filled with stories about conflicts and anger and hate, learned men and women debate great issues of humankind. Senator Ted Cruz, graduate of Harvard rants about lazy poor people or Sarah Palin offers words of hate about single poor women attempting to raise her children in a slum apartment. Rarely, do I encounter from members of the Tea Party a word of compassion for those who survive under horrible conditions of life that only those who are poor understand. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refuses to offer a compromise but insists that ALL Palestinians are terrorists while Iraq Prime Minister Maliki terrorizes the Sunni Muslims in the name of God. The word, “compromise,” the word, “compassion” is a stranger to the lips of all too many of our world leaders. Vladimir Putin abuses a mother whose crime is to mock God in a church, and a moment later he is concocting a secret deal with business leaders to abuse his office as president. “Love” is not a word that will be uttered by Putin or Mugabe in Africa or the head of the Ukraine.

Therefore, my days are always filled with joy reading about Nelson Mandela. Why does he possess the capacity to extend love and compassion to those who tortured and abused him? He is such an unusual person, he had the capacity to reach beyond the moment and link with the totality of life. He understood that if we humans can not be concerned about our fellow humans, then we are NOT truly human. The Tea Party spews words of hatred and anger towards a family seeking an opportunity to work, NOT to get government handouts! Nelson Mandela taught all humans the beauty and power of unlimited love and compassion to friend and enemy.

The cliche is that he was “a man for the ages.” No, he simply was “a man.” He simply was a man who actually believed in God and what God represents. That, we all are linked together as fellow humans-forever!