Neo-Nazi Groups More Violent In Sweden

The Swedish neo-Nazi movement gained ground in 2007 due to increased activities. The three largest neo-Nazi groups were active in 19 out of Sweden’s 21 counties including extensive activity in Stockholm. Sweden’s Security Service estimates there were 1,142 incidents in 2007 which was much more than in previous years. Of these, 60% involved propaganda, 30% related to acts of vandalism, 4.5% dealt with meetings and concerts, and 3.5% was highlighted by public demonstrations.

Figures like the above can reveal evidence of the growth of neo-Nazism or it can simply be indicative that in any society there are always fringe groups which preach hatred and violence. Except for one manslaughter incident none of the assaults resulted in death to anyone. Most probably the neo-Nazi groups of today are directing their anger toward immigrants to Sweden from Muslim areas of the world. In that respect, they are symbolic of widespread feelings in Europe toward Muslim immigrants.

  • lukas

    it is good that there is someone who try to deny these muslims bastard.If you will let them to come to Europe they will preveil us n impose theirs repulsive religion.If I only could I would annihilate em all.

  • Gregor from Poland

    what the hell U r thinkig that muslims bastard will do if they cover all Europe?It is rather rethorical question,they gonna superimpose theirs abomonable religion.The government will do nothing to prevent that phenomenon,cause it invoke so called humanitarian rules etc.,n soon muslims will implement more koranic schools,they will start to claim more muslims principles in day to day life n european country will became muslims countrys cause such humanitarian idiots gonna allow them these pesters to bring mess to our holy land.Fortunately there is a plenty pure european peoples who are able to sacrifices theirs lifes n to ward off that pestilence.

  • Fred Stopsky

    It is pleasant hearing from two such stalwart believers in democracy. Isn’t it wonderful knowing you are always right and those who differ are evil? If there was some logic or valid points in your tirades perhaps there could be a dialogue.

  • Liv

    It’s the natural reaction and it’s good.

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