Neo Nazi Sentenced To Jail In Portugal

Seventy years ago, Europe was engulfed in the worst war in its history when the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler unleashed its forces on a bloody six years of violence and death. An estimated forty million Europeans died in the conflict, but, Hitler’s legacy lives on all over the continent in the form of neo-Nazi groups who are enraptured by the mad man of Germany. Mario Machado, leader of Portugal’s nationalist far right party, was sentenced to four years in prison for his vicious hatred toward people in his nation. He was also convicted of crimes such as serious coercion, owning an illegal weapon, intimidation, damage and assault to cause bodily harm.

Machado and thirty six others, who are connected to the skinhead movement were arrested in 2007for racism, kidnapping, aggression and possessing illegal weapons. The police found examples of anti-semitic materials in the homes of those who were convicted. Perhaps, some day, psychologists will be able to offer an understanding as to why there exists throughout Europe people like Machado who appear to adore Hitler. It is more than ignorance, it represents a deep psychological need to hurt and kill those who differ from one.