Neo Nazis Gather In Leipzig

Within a few years it will be three fourths of a century since Nazi troops swept through Europe leaving death and destruction in their path. Of course, by the time the war ended, death and destruction had become visitors in virtually every German city and thousands of women experienced rape and violence for the sins of their sons, husbands, and relatives. For some strange reason, there exists about 5% in every European nation who cling to some twisted romantic feelings about Nazism and seek to perpetuate its ideals. Most probably, few of these individuals actually understand the meaning of Nazism, but due to the media and the opportunity to march and sing in public they parade through streets shouting praise of death.

A few days ago some young members of the NPD youth group, Junge Nationaaldemokraten entered Leipzig only to be met by opponents who held a “Leipzig Takes A Stand” response parade. Stones and bottles were thrown, shouts exchanged, and the young people went home feeling pride. Perhaps, the best response to such marches is silence. Don’t express any outward feelings, just the silence of sadness.

  • journeyer58

    Although silence is golden, in many ways, we must stand up against the hatred and vitriol spewed from the mouths of those idiots who, choose to believe a lie.
    How do we do this? By voicing our opinions in the op-ed sections of our local newspapers, starting to voice our opinions on the internet, through media such as, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.
    We must speak out against the hatred or, the hatred as has happened in this country, will take over the airwaves and other forms of media.