Neo-Nazis Use Internet As Weapon Of Attack

Neo-Nazis in Germany are using the Internet as part of their campaign to intimidate and silence those who oppose their message of hate. Left-wing politicians and activists are discovering their names, photos, and addresses published on web sites in order to encourage these two bit thugs to resort to messages of hate and violence. The police are powerless in most cases to do anything about posting messages filled with anger on a web site. Rainer Sauer, a politician from Bocholt, has received countless insults and death threats via the Internet. He has discovered Nazi symbols painted on his garage door and shots fired in front of his home. There are an estimated 1,700 far right wing Web sites in Germany.

A judge in Kiel sentenced a member of the right wing National Democratic Party to pay a fine. Within days, his address was published on a Web site along with information about his children and urgings to pay him a visit. Trade unionist Ruth B. had words sprayed on the wall of her house and her car was painted by neo-Nazis as a warning.

The Internet is a source of democracy and has strengthened forces of free speech, but along with all important innovations in expanding human rights come the lap dogs of terror and hate trailing in its wake.

  • Balder

    Although it may be true that addresses have been published by ‘neo-Nazis’ at some occasions, it is also true, that this has been practiced by the extreme left to a much larger extent, all across Europe, and that violence from the extreme left, including on various occasions arsen, is extremely much higher in all of Europe than that perpetrated by right wing groups, or ‘Nazi’s’ as they are usually conveniently called.

    It is also fantastic, that we never get to know the names of these ‘neo-Nazi websites’, which supposedly are around in great numbers.

    This might be because many of the websites which are being referred to, probably are not ‘neo-Nazi’ at all, but just express dissenting views on subjects such as immigration, ethics or history.

    A number of others may have been installed as false flag operations. In Canada high placed members of anti-racist organizations, have been caught in posting ‘racist comments’ on right wing forums, trying to get others to respond in the same vain.

    In Holland, Denmark, Germany and Britain, it is not unusual that alarming statements about neo-Nazis and the Internet come straight from the mouth of people who them selves are deeply involved in the red fascist movement on the extreme left.

    People with very fine connections with left extreme terror organizations, such as Antifa, AFA, ARN, ARA etc. are often used as sources by a predominantly left wing press. This is all documented.

    So don’t let yourselves be fooled by reports like this.

  • Fred Stopsky

    In America there are websites such as those of David Duke and other neo-Nazi groups. I suspect you may well be exaggerating the endeavors of extreme left in publishing names and addresses.