Nepal Communists-Mao Or Gorbachev?

The dramatic triumph of the communist party in last week’s elections raises interesting questions as to whether this marks the emergence of a communism devoted to creating a democratic Nepal in which people of all socio-economic backgrounds can move forward, or will this be another Maoist example of brutality in the name of the state. There is no doubt the people of Nepal were disgusted with its corrupt and inefficient monarchy and wanted the dawn of a new age in which all sectors of society would benefit, but in selecting the Maoist leadership have they entered on a new era of oppression?

The Maoists can digest a form of capitalism much as Chinese Communists have adopted one, but if their neighbor to the north is any example, the Nepal Maoists may find indigestible the components of a democratic society. Most probably the professional Nepal army will soon be transformed into a people’s liberation force dedicated to the proposition the Maoist run government can not surrender power in any such thing as a democratic election.

To sum up: its Mao, not Gorbachev.

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    Good one… I have read and seen Nepal army in UN … They rock !