Nepal’s Revolution Leaves Female Abuse Untouched!

The Maoist movement has gained electoral power in Nepal and will, most probably, force the King to exit the stage of power. But, lost in the revolutionary developments within Nepal is the story of a society in which some estimates believe about 95% of women are victims of political, economic and domestic violence. Among the most oppressed female groups are the women who belong to the Dalit minority. Some studies indicate less than 10% are literate and the drop out rate in school for girls is extremely high. They continue to be caught in caste roles of being submissive and prevented from entering many occupations.

The Maoist revolution offers Nepal woman an interestng opportunity to assert their rights and to demand equal treatment in all aspects of society ranging from jobs to places in school. There is need for new legislation to ensure women can not be physically abused, and that slots in business and schooling be set aside for women. It might also be necessary to set aside seats in parliament for female candidates in order to break the historic cycle of female submission and powerlessness.