Netanyahu Argues Peace Will Destroy His Government!

President Barack Obama while in Cairo for his speech conveyed to President Mubarak that he had been told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes if he agrees to the concept of a Palestinian state and return to the 1967 boundaries, his coalition government will fall apart and he will cease being prime minister of the nation. Mubarak told Obama that he was not impressed by the comment since Netanyahu has been saying things like that for years. He formed a right wing coalition, he appointed Avigdor Lieberman as his foreign minister even though he is a virulent anti-Muslim individual. Foreign Minister Lieberman apparently was angry that the Israel Embassy in Cairo invited speakers from the Peace Now movement to discuss their ideas with Egyptian journalists.

The reality is Netanyahu had alternatives. Former Foreign Minister Lipni urged a coalition based on the idea of peace with Palestinians and recognition of the idea of a Palestinian state, but she was turned down. Prime Minister Netanyahu has to place the interests of his nation before his own selfish need to have an important role in government. He must form a new coalition government based on ideas that will lead to peace.