Netanyahu Bids For Peace Deal With USA

There are reports Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seeks to finalize an agreement with the United States government on how peace talks with the Palestinian Authority might resume. President Abbas wants negotiations to deal with restoring 1967 borders, but the Israel government wants those borders to be modified in light of what has transpired over the past half century. Netanyahu may accept the reality that it will take a year or more in order to reach any peace agreement. However, while the US wants a peace agreement to be concluded by the end of 24 months, Netanyahu will only commit to talking for two years.

The good news is Netanyahu agrees the end result of any peace discussions must result in the establishment of a Palestinian state. The prime minister supposedly is only willing to discuss the refugee issue within a multilateral framework. However, if Netanyahu continues to agree on a settlement freeze and then announces further housing construction, no talks will result in anything other than a stalemate.