Netanyahu Exploits Murder For Politics

The horrible murder of a West Bank Jewish family of five has become transformed by the religious right into a three ring circus of hate and violence. The murder of the Fogel family which witnessed mother, father, and three children killed by a Palestinian terrorist is now being used by right wing Jewish extremists as an excuse to end all relations with Palestinians and pursue a huge land grab on the West Bank. Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi, Yona Metzger, said there are not any partners in the Palestinian Authority who would be helpful partners in any discussion of peace. Knesset Speaker, Reuven Rivlin, insisted Israel “will continue to build anywhere, anytime” and no outside power can tell the people of Israel what they can or cannot do in their own land. Other extremists insist the time for any further discussion of peace with Palestinians is over.

Ironically, President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, not only called Prime Minister Netanyahu to express his sadness about the murders, but he also made public statements denouncing such atrocities. Obviously, he is a partner for peace. The bottom line is that Netanyahu and his right wing allies does NOT want peace. They want to extend the borders of their country to the Jordan River and doom Israel to ongoing conflict and deaths.