Netanyahu Gets Religion

During the past two years, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has conducted himself as head of the government on the assumption, only Jews should have representation in government. Dramatic changes in Egypt or Tunisia have caused him to re-evaluate reality. He now understands corrupt governments like Egypt may have been sympathetic to Israel concerns, but with the departure of Mubarak, it is now open to all possibilities. Most probably, the Egyptian army does not want violence in the region, but there is no guarantee of anything. Bibi Netanyahu finally got the message that his nation MUST NEGOTIATE in an honest manner. And, when Israel West Bank settlers brutalize their Palestinian neighbors, there must be action. Netanyahu finally said: “No one person is above the law. There is an extremist minority, a small group, a marginal number of our brothers in the settlements harming those who enforce law and order and people just because they are Arabs.”

This is the same Netanyahu who looked aside when those same “brothers” seized Palestinian land and expelled Palestinians from their homes. The prime minister referred to the importance of acting in the spirit of Jewish justice, He might begin to act in that spirit by agreeing to an independent Palestinian state with borders based on 1967.