Netanyahu Hems And Haws About Peace

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s idea of a just peace is for Palestinians to accept the current reality of apartheid and end their legitimate rights to land the UN allocated to Arabs. The Obama administration is demanding an end to West Bank expansion, but the Israel leader insists Jews in the settlements have a right to a “normal life.” Unfortunately, what Netanyahu terms “normal” is hardly just for those whose lands have been taken and all too often their fields destroyed. The Israel prime minister insists he has the basis of a fair agreement with the United States on the issue of settlements.

Netanyahu also made clear, “Jerusalem is not a settlement an Israel will not accept limits on it sovereignty there.” These are the statements of a man who defends the status quo and is unable to reach out with vision as to what might constitute the basis for peace in the Middle East. President Obama has all too often endeavored to work with hard liners who do not seek compromise on health care, and we fear he is taking a similar approach in the Middle East.

Israel settlements on the West Bank must go. Perhaps, there can be a compromise which allows small areas to remain intact, but the status quo merely hinders peace in the Middle East.