Netanyahu Is Never Satisfied

Throughout the history of Israel-Palestinian conflict those leading the state of Israel have complained they lack anyone to negotiate with who seeks peace between the two people. Benjamin Netanyahu constantly decries Hamas for seeking violence which might lead an objective observer to believe he would welcome Hamas promising to end violence. Alas, such is not the case.  President Mahmoud Abbas who heads the Palestinian Authority has reached an agreement with Hamas leader  Khaled Mashaal to end violence and work in peaceful ways.

Hamas has agreed to accept the 1967 borders with Israel and work cooperatively with the Palestinian Authority for peace with Israel. Prime Minister Bejnjamin Netanyahu is upset at this agreement and argues that  the closer Abbas and Hamas work for peace, “the further he moves away from peace.” Israel Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon says the   Abbas/Mashaal agreement “would transform the Palestinian Authority into  a terrorist authority.”

Israel leaders prove George Orwell’s “double speak” is alive and well.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know how you can even say this as a Jewish person.  Abbas has said time and time again that he will never recognize a Jewish state.  This is a man who is also a Holocaust skepticism/denier.  He has ties to numerous terrorist organizations that launch attacks and kill Israelis on a regular basis.  I think you need a quick history lesson on the 1967 borders and the peace process today…  Israel has been surrounded by people who want to exterminate the Jews for so long.  How can you even say that Netanyahu is not satisfied?  The Jews of Israel have bent over backward in the past to try for peace and it is never good enough.  And now Israel is faced with an “Arab Spring” which is leaving them isolated and surrounded by Muslim nations like Iran who called for the end of Jews constantly and nations who will become Muslim nations out of the numerous uprisings like Egypt and Lybia.   But the Jews and Netanyahu are the bad ones?  When have the Jews ever wanted anyone exterminated?  You should be ashamed as a Jewish man for not standing up for your own people at a time when they are extremely vulnerable.  

  • Fred Stopsky

    Abraham Lincoln at one point in his career said he would not fight to end slavery. Later he changed. President Abbas RIGHT NOW is willing to accept the 1967 border with Israel. Would you like to review things said by Benjamin Netanyahu?