Netanyahu-It’s The World, Not Israel!

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu functions under the assumption if there is any problem in foreign affairs, never look in the direction of Israel because in every single case, the fault lies with some Arab and Muslim nation. He warned the world that current demonstrations in Egypt or Tunisia or elsewhere might well summon up the forces of Islamic extremism. In making this point, the prime minister cited behavior of Turkey which allegedly turned on Israel, relations between the two nations, “evaporated overnight when the Turkish prime minister attacked our president in Davos, today we want to guarantee that the peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan will remain solid.”

In reality, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan was horrified at actions of the Israel Defense Force in Gaza and urged a halt in killing civilians. If Israel had dealt with the Gaza situation in a more peaceful manner, Turkey would not be upset. It was actions on the part of Israel that resulted in anger. Secondly, Erdogan vocally attacked the Israel president and nothing prevented President Peres from responding in a vocal manner. Since when is it an “attack” to express a viewpoint?