Netanyahu Matches Assad As Demagogue!

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bows to no leader when it comes to becoming the demagogue who plays to extremism in order to cover up his own fatal policies. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is playing the “Israel card” by using anger toward his southern neighbor in order to divert attention from the slaughter of his own people by the Syrian army. Naturally, Bibi Netanyahu will not allow anyone to out demagogue him and he responded to Syrian action by declaring the Palestinian government does not seek peace and wants to return to 1948 borders. The Arab League has publicly announced its willingness to abide by 1967 borders. The Palestinian Authority has made the same promise, but Bibi would rather get a vote than get peace for his nation.

Unfortunately, members of the Republican and Democratic party gave cheers to a man who will only be cheered when the last Palestinian has left what is now called Israel or Palestine. President Obama did his best, but Republicans prefer endangering peace in the Middle East in order to get some votes!

Since the Republican Party needs a presidential candidate, how about Bibi Netanyahu? Oh well, if an African from Kenya can become president why not a Jew from Jerusalem?