Netanyahu Negates Angry Palestinians With Anger

Bibi Netanyahu is convinced that Israel Jews are daily in contact with God — they are his Chosen people– who makes certain they will never display care and concern for those who disagree with the Israel leader. Palestinians had the damn nerve to demand a voice in the UN–a dastardly act which threatens the existence of the Jewish state. So, how to respond to this direct challenge? Bibi announced construction of new homes for Jewish settlers in East Jeruslaem. Oh, this means no new homes for Muslims.

The American government insists that Palestinians must accept the fait d’accompli of Netanyahu which, effectively seized large areas of the West Bank as belonging to Jews. Of course, this vilolates th UN agreement, but since most people in the UN hate Jews, who the hell cares!

Let me get this straight. Israel has continued to expand on the West Bank. President Abbas asked for a temporary halt to this expansion until  peace agreement could be reached. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM IN DELAYING CONSTRUCTION FOR A FEW MONTHS? Will the sky fall? Will Jews be murdered?

Bibi is a bully and behaves like one– THAT IS THE PROBLEM!