Netanyahu: One More Obstacle To Peace

it is ordinary diplomatic practice in the world for nations to recognize a specific government as being in charge of a nation. There is no example in modern diplomacy for other nations to acknowledge that a particular religion is the one which is accepted as the nation’s official one nor should religion be a factor in deciding whether to recognize or not recognize a state. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a gathering of Jewish leaders from around the world that Palestinians must accept the concept of Israel as being a “Jewish State.” Approximately, 20% of the citizens of Israel are either Muslim or Christian, but to Netanyahu the most important issue facing his nation is that Palestinians must recognize Israel as a Jewish state. For some reason he has not demanded that nations throughout the world make that distinction when recognizing the government of Israel. But, the reality is Mr. Netanyahu seeks to find one reason or another that would compel President Abbas not to reach a peace agreement.

When will Israel come to its senses and end this silly demand about recognition? Or, why doesn’t it demand a similar commitment from other nations of the world for this statement?