Netanyahu Plays For Votes In Israel, Not For Peace!

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was delighted to speak before an assembly of Jews who represent the American Israel Public Affairs Committee since the group only knows one answer when posed who is responsible for lack of peace in the Middle East–them damn Arabs! Netanyahu used all the correct code words such as the people of Israel are building in Jerusalem and “Jerusalem is not a settlement. It is our capital” and every nation has a right to build in its capital! He was determined to show the world that Benjamin does not bow down before anyone and that includes the president of the United States or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Such rhetoric plays well among conservative Jews for whom the idea that Israel shares the blame for lack of peace negotiations is equivalent to saying if someone was murdered it was their own fault for getting in the way of the bullet.

Hopefully, in private meetings with Clinton some semblance of logic and reason will re-enter his mind. Peace requires compromise, peace requires each side to give in, and peace requires listening to the ideas of others.