Netanyahu Rejects Palestinian State!

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has finally openly declared his opposition to the establishment of a Palestinian state. He made clear that under his watch Palestinians would never have a home. “When they say, ‘Go back to 67 lines’, I stand against. When they say, ‘don’t build in Jerusalem, I stand against. It is very easy to capitulate.I could go back to the impossible to defend 67 lines and divide Jerusalem and we would get Hamas 400 metros from my home.” These are sad words from a Jewish leader who has lost sight of the origin of a  Jewish homeland. It was always the intention of Jewish leaders that Palestinians would have their own homeland.

A reality check. Under leadership  of  President Abbas and the Palestinian Authority violence has ended in areas they supervise. Neither Hamas nor terrorists are in action. Netanyahu is the American version of the Tea Party and his goal is to dehumanize Palestinians and to spread fear and hate. Unfortunately, most modern Jewish Israelis have become, not people of the book, but people of hate.