Netanyahu Speaks Truth About His Views

Prime Minister Netanyahu is no longer in America and no longer has to gaze into the eyes of President Obama so the real Benjamin took center stage. At a stare ceremony marking Jerusalem Day, he said: “Jerusalem was always ours and will always be ours. It will never again be partitioned and divided.” He emphasized that only under rule of Israel can there truly be freedom of religion for all people in the city of Jerusalem. Earlier in the day, President Peres made similar remarks. “Jerusalem is held sacred by half mankind(but)it has been and always will be Israel’s capital. We never had another and it has never been the capital of any other people.”

Netanyahu emphasized he had told Obama about his views regarding Jerusalem. The question unanswered is exactly what does Prime Minister Netanyahu wish to negotiate with Palestinian leaders now that he has taken Jerusalem off the table and the West Bank off the table and return of refugees off the table, so what’s left to discuss?

President Obama has a tough problem on his hand because the real Benjamin Netanyahu does not wish to negotiate, he wishes to inform Palestinians what he will grant them as part of a settlement.