Netanyahu, The Critic

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is determined to teach President Barack Obama how to engage in problem solving diplomacy. He called the president in order to rip him to pieces for not following the basic principles of Bibidiplomacy. He termed the recent agreement with Iran to slow down the process of nuclear development an “historic mistake.” It is truly unfortunate that Obama has yet to grasp that Netanyahu is among the most outstanding diplomats on this planet. Examine the record:

1. President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority has worked to curb terrorism and seeks an agreement with Israel. For sixty years Israeli leaders have complained they have no Palestinian leader willing to negotiate with their nation and no Palestinian leader committed to peace. So, what does Bibi do? Refuses to negotiate with Palestinians who seek to negotiate!
2. Israel leaders in 1967 wanted to negotiate about the West Bank. So, what does Bibi do? He sends thousands of settlers to the West Bank in order to complicate any possible compromise.

Please Mr. Obama, learn from the master of stupidity how NOT to negotiate. As you put it so aptly, “tough talk and bluster may be the easy thing to do politically, it’s not the right thing for our security.”