Netanyahu Threatens US–And Iran!

Benjamin Netanyahu is prime minister of Israel, but he thought it perfectly proper to come to America, meet with Republican congressmen and urge them to support his demands that the United States agree to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. Such behavior is insulting to the American people, it violates normal diplomatic behavior. During his meetings with President Obama during the coming days, Netanyahu will insist that if sanctions fail to work, then the US must support air attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Last month, General Dempsey, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was in Israel and angered the Israeli leader by saying an attack at this point was “premature” and urged the Israeli government to support rational discussions with Iranian officials aimed at preventing development of nuclear weapons. Bibi Netanyahu has placed his government into the American political arena which violates all standards of proper behavior by diplomats.

The time right now is to impose economic sanctions. The time right now should be urging Iranian leaders to meet and discuss, not only nuclear development issues, but the entire range of issues between the US and Iran. Israel does not wish American diplomats to get involved in their internal politics, and their political leaders should follow the same standard when dealing with American politics.