Netanyahu To Abbas–Let’s Have Peace-On My Terms!

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told President Abbas that”we should not place preconditions for holding talks,” but went on to note on the desire for Palestinians to allow return of refugees who fled in 1948, “they must abandon the fantasy of flooding Israel with refugees, give up irredentist claims to the Negev and Gaiilee and declare unequivocally that the conflict is over.” I assume when Netanyahu is informing Palestinians what they must agree to prior to talks he is not stating preconditions, just the basic goals of his government. The prime minister boasted his willingness to proceed with current construction was a major offer that no prior Israeli government had given.

It’s clear Benjamin Netanyahu views the process of “negotiation” as an opportunity for Palestinians to agree to his views about any settlement. No wonder President Abbas is tired of this ridiculous bargaining stance by the Israel government and no longer wants any part of it.

If there are no preconditions, then it must equally apply to Palestinians and to the Israel government. We avoid saying, “Jews,” since hundreds of thousands of Muslims live in Israel. It is the state of Israel, it is not a “Jewish state.”