Netanyahu War Hawk Revealed

The Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, published a story that came from the Wikileaks which have created such turmoil in the world. A Wikileak revealed that Marc Siever, a political counselor working in the American embassy in Israel sent a confidential report to the State Department on July 20, 2007 which indicated the possibility of an Israel attack on Iran that was being pushed by Benjamin Netanyahu. At that time Ehud Olmert was prime minister of Israel and was in the midst of restructuring his coalition government. Olmert was then head of Kadima, a party initially organized by Netanyahu. He apparently reached out to Netanyahu in order to form a coalition with Likud. An adviser to Netanyahu made clear to Olmert that his boss would be willing to join the government if made the Foreign Minister and had a commitment there would be an attack on Iran in the forthcoming months.

This illustrates the madness of Netanyahu and his inability to grasp opportunities for peace. He is completely committed to a vision of Israel as the bully boss of the Middle East. In his world view, Israel has no obligations to Palestinians and compromise in any form is simply a re-enactment of the surrender at Munich which gave Hitler a free hand in Europe. Netanyahu lives in the past and that is the reason for his inability to become a leader of the future.