Netanyahu–We Had To Protect Israel!

The government of Israel was accused of utilizing excessive force in responding to a flotilla of ships from Turkey that were bringing supplies to the people of Gaza. Obviously, if a there is an internal issues a nation ordinarily puts together an impartial group of men and women to investigate the issue–like the Kennedy assassination. The flotilla incident involved two nations which would ordinarily result in some form of combined group that has people from both societies or an international commission. But, this is modern Israel which believes the world is against it and thus one can not trust anyone but those from within our society to deal with an international event. The Turkel Commission found no evidence of violation of international law and concluded Israeli soldiers only fired when attacked. As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu concluded: “IDF soldiers defended themselves and their country.” He pointed out they boarded “the Mamara with courage and restraint.”

But, the prime minister did not discuss who was on board the Mamara. Were they Hamas militants waiting with assault weapons? Did passengers have grenades, rocket launchers or anything resembling powerful weapons? No, is the answer. Most passengers were middle aged men and women, hardly a threat to any tough IDF soldiers. Of course, some of the men could have wielded their canes as weapons and caused undue harm to the Israel military.

Throughout most of the twentieth century, Israel was confronted by Arab nations that wanted to end its existence. That world no longer exists. Egypt and Jordan have recognized Israel. Turkey, for decades had a warm, close relationship with Israel, until the Gaza invasion. The bottom line is an international incident requires an international commission or no one will believe the Israel commission.