Netanyahu-We Want Peace-On Our Terms

The ten month moratorium on building in the West Bank ended last night as thousands of Jewish settlers celebrated with shouts of it is now time to resume constructing thousands of houses in the region regardless of how this impacts prospects for peace. Instead of agreeing to extend the freeze for a few more months, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a call to Palestinians: “I call on President Abbas to continue the good talks we have only just started in order to reach an historic peace between our two peoples.” These talks which he claims have, “only just started” have been going on for over sixty years and everything that had to be said has been said. It is clear there is need for two nations, it is clear the West Bank was part of the original UN decision on boundary lines, and it is clear a one state solution will result in an Israel that becomes an apartheid state.

Settlers claim God gave them the land. Frankly, I doubt if any of these individuals who possess such anger and hate in their hearts are in contact with a God of love. No god gives anything to humans. Humans decide which belongs to whom.