Netanyahu–You’re No Churchill

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanhyahu is fond of comparing himself to WWII British Prime Minister Winston Churchill who led Great Britain when they alone stood up to Nazi Germany. In the Netanyahu version, Israel alone stands up to Iran and it is the only nation that fully grasps the extent and danger of Muslim extremism. His ongoing nonstop description of the world Israel confronts is: “things will be bad, Israel needs to prepare for the worst: the world must be aware of imminent disaster for Israel.” Naturally, that world view leads to his logical conclusion continue doing what you have been doing and Israel will continue to prepare for the worst. At no point does the Israel prime minster consider the possibility of offering a dramatic new idea that indicates his nation will make sacrifices such as ending further construction on the West Bank. Of course not, that would end the melodrama of Israel as the victim. Victimhood for all too many Jews is a safe haven from reality. The reality that Israel is the aggressor, the reality that Israel refuses to compromise, and the reality unless some changes occur new regimes in Egypt or elsewhere could result in new violence in the Middle East directed against Israel.

How about really acting like Churchill who ended his hatred of Communist Soviet Union in order to win the war. How about Netanyahu offering an immediate halt in West Bank construction and a genuine desire to achieve a compromise peace? The only reason to remain stuck in the present is due to fear of voting power of West Bank settlers.