Netanyahu’s World Of Victimhood

The essence of all great political leaders is the ability to enter into the minds of opponents, grasp their world perspective, and use that knowledge in order to decide on policy initiatives. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is an intelligent man, but he simply can not escape his own mindset and he simply can not see the world as others see it. He roared at human rights activists urging them to “go to Tehran” is they were so interested in human rights. Of course, human rights is under assault in Iran, but what does that issue have to do with Israel or the Gaza strip? Netanyahu believes his nation is the the object of a vast conspiracy to destroy the state of Israel. “We know that the attacks on Israel are threatening its existence since we constantly hear people saying, ‘go back to Poland or Morocco.’ They are essentially trying to dismantle the Zionist enterprise. They want to strip us of our natural right to defend ourselves” He went on to complain the flotilla attacked Israel soldiers and attempted to kill them.

Helen Thomas, an elderly reporter, made stupid remarks about Israel which were condemned by the entire American media. She then retired. A SINGLE ELDERLY WOMAN WITH NO INFLUENCE MAKES A STUPID REMARK– and the existence of Israel is threatened?? Actually, the flotilla did NOT attack Israel soldiers until they boarded vessels. If they had not boarded them, no one would have been hurt.

It is time Israel leaders returned to common sense and ceased making wild remarks. President Abbas wants to negotiate, but he cannot when Israel continues building settlements and destroying Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem. Bibi, relax, take a deep breath, end settlement expansion and there will be peace.